This week in Music…

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school for their first full week and I have enjoyed getting to know the new children that have joined us this year.

Year 1 were introduced to some of the songs that they will be singing at the Barnet Infant Music Festival in October. They have skilfully tackled a song in Swahili and some complex vocabulary in ‘The Magic Travel Machine’.

In task time, Year 2 have been learning about the Russian folklore that inspired Igor Stravinsky to write the ballet ‘The Firebird’. The children watched the BBC National Orchestra of Wales play a section of the piece as they commented on how the music represented different parts of the story. The children noticed that we have the percussion instruments in our music room that they could see on the clip. Using those instruments, we then began to create our own version of ‘The Firebird’ focussing particularly on the climatic ending. The children played sensitively varying their techniques ensuring the sound they produced was not too overpowering and created the desired effect.