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This week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week and what a quick half term. The children have settled so well into Nursery this half term, it has been amazing to see them grow in confidence and build some wonderful relationships with each other and the teachers over the last few weeks.

On Monday this week we used our communication skills to talk about an animal and encouraged our friend to guess what it might be. The children were fantastic at describing the animal and guessing however, we noticed that the children were getting a little bit mixed up about what animals live on the farm or in the jungle so we decided to change our plan slightly. We found some books from the library, and looked at the animals in our animal box and sorted them. The children then chose to sort the animals in their independent play and were talking about where they thought other animals might live. They were amazed to find out that snakes may also live in people’s houses.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we talked about our mummies and daddies. We discussed what makes them special and went around the circle on the carpet to share this with our friends. We then created them using playdough, transient art materials or drawing them.

The children have loved using the clipboards and making marks in school so we planned an activity to encourage more of this. We hid the large Numicon shapes around the playground then encouraged the children to find them and then tick them of their list when they had. The children loved this, they then hid them around the garden again for their friends to find.

Today we had great fun exploring the big playground. This is the first time the Nursery children have had an opportunity to play in this space and they loved it. We also made some pizza faces using muffins, tomato sauce, cheese and lots of vegetables for the features of the face. We cooked them in the oven and then ate them at snack time. What a yummy Friday treat!