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This week in Reception

This week in Reception we kicked off with an amazing Story Telling workshop. The storyteller told a story of ‘Boon the Banana and Otis the Orange’ who explored the world together.  The moral of the story was that even though we all might seem different on the outside we have a lot in common on the inside.  The children have really enjoyed our phonics sessions, starting with the sounds p, a, i and t.  One of the highlights was being able to pop bubbles to reinforce the popping action for ‘p’.  Our cabin days have quickly become the children’s favourite part of the week.  This week we added superhero capes to the dressing up and the children have been energetically re-enacting their favourite super hero stories.  We have also started woodwork in the cabin.  We introduced the children to a hammer and how to use it safely.  The children used the hammer to make imprints into pieces of soft wood and we are excited to use them to print with and see what patterns emerge.