This week in Year 2…

Year 2 had an incredible stunning start and entered the school transformed into a world of transport. The children were so excited and began their investigations as to where Year 2 were going on their journey by taking pictures of their new environment. After discussions, the children concluded we were learning about things that are in the sky – ‘High Flyers’!

We then went outside and laid on the ground to ‘Look up’ at the sky. The children were instructed to use their senses to think about words that they could use to describe what they could see, hear, and smell in the sky. They came up with some very interesting ideas which they wrote down on their whiteboards and used this list to help them with writing adjectives and similes to describe the sky, when they returned to class. Some examples included-

  • Sky is as blue as the sea.
  • Clouds like fluffy candyfloss.
  • The sky is as calm as mindfulness.
  • Birds flying as fast as a flash.

Following our learning about adjectives, we thought carefully about what questions we could ask the sky e.g. How do big, huge and gigantic clouds start to rain? What are the shining, bright and glittery stars made of? Why does the beautiful sky change colours every day? What happens to the white, magnificent, and stunning clouds at night-time? We then up levelled our work and wrote our questions onto a beautiful sky background.

In Art, we made a poster showing different types of clouds after learning what they consisted of, made from, and looked like, including cirrus, stratus and cumulus clouds. The children worked in pairs showing excellent teamwork skills and really let their creative flair flow.

We were also treated to our specialist art session with Maureen Wells. The children focused on creating paintings of skies at different times of day. The children sketched their background, painted using inks and acrylic paint and then added their detail of birds, hot air balloons flying.

Year 2 had a wonderful Forest school session. The children were allowed time for forest play which included rolling down hills, sliding down slopes, throwing leaves, and exploring the woods.