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This week in Nursery…

The children returned to school to find we had a new topic. The topic is Splish, Splash, Splosh and the children found a large treasure chest with gold coin and a message in a bottle on the first day back. The letter was from Captain Swashbuckle and he has asked the Nursery class to look after his treasure until he returns. They have looked after it very well so far and have created lots of treasure maps, pirate ships, flags and boats all for the Captain.

The role play area was filled with boxes and pirate resources. The children have used these incredibly creatively making pirate ships, telescopes, houses, beds so the space is continuously changing and enhancing their learning.

The children have continued to enjoy the phonics activities in class. They are taking a great interest in sounds and ensuring everyone in the class say the sounds they have learnt already correctly.

We had great fun celebrating Eid in class this week. We talked about this festival and the ways in which Muslims celebrate. The children learnt all about Mehndi and had a go at drawing wonderful patterns on paper hands.

The children have massively enjoyed the extra space in our playground over the last couple of weeks. We have found that they are using the space in a different way and seeing enhanced play and learning from them. They have especially loved the water area where we are seeing some wonderful collaborative and mathematical play.