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This week in Nursery…

We have had a lovely week in Nursery, as usual. The icy weather conditions gave us lots of opportunities to explore the ice and cold. We made ice bubbles, ice handprints, we explored how the ice breaks and found different ways of melting the ice.

The children enjoyed learning their first phonic sound ‘s’, they all practiced the sound and remembered the action. They loved sharing the object they had found around their house that started with the sound ‘s’. They decorated their sound card with sand and practiced writing the sound in sand.

On Tuesday the children became authors, they all created a page for our class book called ‘That’s not my aeroplane’. They decorated their aeroplane and then described it using some fantastic adjectives such as bumpy, shiny, smooth and colourful.

The children loved creating their own paper aeroplanes this week. They listened carefully to the instructions and then drew patterns to decorate it. We then had a paper aeroplane throwing competition to see who could throw theirs the furthest.

Today we went on an aeroplane journey. The children all had to make their very own passport and ticket for the journey. They then had to show them to get on the plane and saw lots of landmarks from Emma Jane’s story. They even got to have a special snack given out by the cabin crew. What a lovely trip for a Funday Friday!