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This week in Music…

2JB blew me away this week with their performance class. This was an opportunity for those children who learn an instrument in or outside school to perform in an informal setting.

We had pianists, violinists and a trumpet er! The children were relaxed and confident whilst performing for their friends and relished the opportunity to take questions from their peers. The children asked sensible and thoughtful questions. Some popular questions were; how long have you been playing? How do you change the pitch? (Particularly for the Trumpet and Violin). How do you know which are the low and high notes on the piano when they all look the same? How many songs have you learnt?

I was so impressed with how the performers were able to answer these questions; they really knew the workings of their instruments and were proud to show everyone their knowledge.

Performing in all scenarios is always good practice and helps to develop this skill. The children were in a supportive environment where mistakes could be made and hard work applauded. Perhaps they even inspired some other children to take up an instrument?

I am really looking forward to some more brilliant performances from the other Year 2 children next week.