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This week in Reception…

A great week Reception! We have been busy making traps to capture the mysterious creature that entered our classrooms! We used resources such as; tyres, wooden blocks, netting and large pieces of material. We worked in teams to organise our trap and we built it together. Next week we will write instructions for how our traps work and hopefully we will find out what this mysterious creature is!

Following on with our topic of ‘Wild and Wonderful’ we read the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.

We created funny and scary ‘Wild Things’ using craft materials and Junk Modelling boats from the story just like the character Max. We tested our creations in the water tray to see if they could float!

In Literacy we learned the clusters ‘sc’, ‘sk’ and ‘st’. These clusters enable us to read and write 4-5 letter words ensuring we have all the sounds in order. We learned the new Rainbow Word ‘he’ and how to use this within a verbal sentence. We have played Rainbow Word BINGO using all of the Rainbow Words we have learned so far. BINGO!

We had so much fun playing a game of ‘Wordfish’, where we have 150 seconds to write as many words as possible that contain the clusters we have learned so far. How many did you write?

In Maths this week our focus has been ‘Finding the Whole and Missing Parts’. We used Mathematical objects within a ‘Cherry Model’ to calculate the missing numbers. From this, we have been writing the answers on a whiteboard to show our workings. Within the classroom we have been exploring wooden Cherry Models with a partner and creating number sums.