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This week in Reception…

This week for our topic, we have started learning all about dinosaurs. In our Reception classes we became Palaeontologists learning about fossils and how they are made. We mixed together flour, salt and water to make Salt Dough fossils. It was so fun imprinting the skeleton on dinosaurs into a ball of dough. Once the fossils were dry, we then painted them using natural colours of stone to make them even more realistic!

In Maths this week we have been continuing our skills to ‘find ten and some more’. We have learned how to use Quire Rods to show the values of teen numbers using ten and some more.

In Phonics this week we have learned the constant cluster blends ‘fl’ and ‘nk’.

We learned the Rainbow Word ‘we’. For this Rainbow Word we thought of a sentence using this week with our Learning Partners and then wrote a sentence on our whiteboards.

We played a fun game on AnimaPhonics called ‘Hack Attack’. For this game, we had to look carefully at the words displayed and with our Learning Partners we discussed what letter sounds were missing. We worked together to help stop the hacker stealing the letters!