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Into the woods we go….

We are now one full week into our new academic year at Grimsdell and our creative curriculum has taken flight. The children have become immersed in our ‘Into the Woods’ topic with active learning taking place in and outside the classroom around an inspiring woodland theme.

Year One children came back from a walk in the woods brimming with excitement, having found a campsite! They were desperate to write about what they had seen and there were lots of fantastic discussions about who might be staying there. Other year groups have been equally enthusiastic and feedback from parents is that the children are not only excited to come to school, but very vocal about what they have been doing during the day.

Our curriculum is not the only new initiative. The introduction of Houses has been equally exciting. Our Houses; Oak, Willow and Beech were chosen by the school council last year because Forest School is such a popular activity.  We all love the outdoors and these particular trees are found locally in our grounds so the children already appreciate them.

They are proud and motivated to earn ‘smileys’ for their house team, demonstrating qualities and values that are important to us such as kindness, effort, resilience and teamwork. We will shortly be announcing the first house competition of the year….find out next week!