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Today we devoted an entire day of school and learning to a Celebration of Diwali. From the origins of the festival to the many creative and practical ways we celebrate it – the children were immersed in Diwali joy through clothing, food, activities, art, dancing and story-telling. We began with our Zoom assembly where the […]

Now that we have entered a new period of lockdown we find ourselves revisiting and reliving the experiences in March and April. There were of course many positives within lockdown in terms of connecting with family members and remembering what matters most in life. The move away from material things was particularly powerful. Arguably the […]

Today Grimsdell celebrated Just One Tree Day. This is a global charity that recognises the positive impact trees have on our environment and the contribution forests can make to climate change. All the children brought in £1.00 for the privilege of wearing their own clothes and understood that this small offering will plant one tree. […]

Black History Month has arrived and we are excited to be celebrating this in a high profile way at Grimsdell, using our Library and literature as our primary vehicle for this. Our School Librarian has actively sourced a range of literature to support and promote Black History Month as we believe books are a key […]