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Black History Month

Black History Month has arrived and we are excited to be celebrating this in a high profile way at Grimsdell, using our Library and literature as our primary vehicle for this.

Our School Librarian has actively sourced a range of literature to support and promote Black History Month as we believe books are a key way to get this message across and make black people more visible and positively represented.

The books in our Library have been carefully selected and we are confident that with the reading buzz we have at Grimsdell, the children will be desperate to borrow these titles.

Our aim is to have a waiting list for some of these books during October and beyond.

This week our newsletter featured a key piece on the commencement of Black History Month:

Each year since 1987, the UK has officially designated October as Black History Month. It is an annual celebration of achievements, experiences and contributions of black people – celebrating the history, arts and culture of black British people. Awareness of, and education about, the history of white British people is well-established, but black history is underreported and underrepresented. Dedicating a month to it every year helps redress that balance and helps us all learn more about our shared history as Britons.

 This year, Grimsdell will be celebrating Black History Month through a series of activities, including the sharing of stories by black authors and by increasing our knowledge about the contributions of black people (both past and present) in all our everyday lives. Our Grimsdell Children’s Library will be the driving force for this month’s focus.”

Mrs Harvey – Grimsdell Librarian

 I hope that the photographs of these book displays inspire anyone reading this blog to obtain a copy of at least one of these to share with your child and children.

Who knows how far your positive ripples will travel if we all invest time and energy into equality.