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Spring term this year has been full of opportunity for all pupils and it is most gratifying to see just how many of our pupils have made the most of their time here. Considering the vast majority of our pupils are new to British education, with many having left their homes for the first time […]

When Mrs Sanchez announced the ‘Big Idea’ earlier this year in February, I was curious to see what initiatives pupils would pitch. The brief was to come up with an innovative, creative and effective solution (that would cost no more than £2,000) to improve pupils’ lives at Mill Hill. Eleven Houses pitched their ideas to […]

The pastoral focus of this week in all schools in the UK has been anti-bullying. The particular emphasis this year in the anti-bullying campaign is ‘choose respect” and across the schools in The Mill Hill School Foundation there has been a hive of activity to help our pupils understand that they have a choice when […]

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. In tutorials this week tutors and pupils have been having discussions about what good mental health looks like and how to find support in achieving this. The focus on mental health this year is on health provision for young people. We have heard Prince Harry talk about his […]