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In a tutorial yesterday, I heard one of our Japanese pupils from The Mount, Mill Hill International give a talk about a martial art that she practises called Kendo. ‘The Way of the Sword’ has a long history and was established during the Samurai government in Japan during the twelfth century under the influence of […]

My weekly blog is a little later than usual as I attended the BAISIS (British Independent Schools with International Students) conference with two other teachers from The Mount, Mill Hill International. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with other colleagues from similar schools in the UK and listen to some illuminating talks. The […]

The arrival of snow and ‘storm Emma’ was met with mixed feelings. On the one hand, here is an opportunity to show our grit and resilience by soldiering on throughout the cold spell, keeping lessons and exams going on as usual; on the other hand, while I have a delightful walk to school, enjoying the […]

This week I have been very busy interviewing international pupils for next year’s entry. I am always curious to hear the answer to my question: what would you like to ask me? Today I was asked to describe what is different about The Mount, Mill Hill International. As I thought about how I would reply […]