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At what can only be described as the most frenetic time of the year, when all deadlines loom up: exams, interviews, booking plane tickets home, organising end of term parties, preparing for Christmas concerts… and so the list goes on, it can feel that there is never enough time to do everything. It is a […]

Twelve weeks into the first term  and pupils at The Mount, Mill Hill International are busy thinking about where they will be next year, what they will be studying and, for many, which university they might wish to apply to. It’s a tall order to expect our international pupils to have a clear vision of […]

One of the most difficult aspects of acting for aspiring young thespians is to convince the audience that the character they are portraying is real. How amazing, therefore, was the performance by Collinson House in the House Drama final yesterday evening where every single character was truly believable. The play took place at a senior […]

During Monday Assembly this week, our Sports Ambassadors gave a compelling presentation to all the pupils and staff at The Mount, Mill Hill International explaining the need for sport and general physical activity. One of the Ambassadors had researched into why, particularly at times of stress in the school life such as just before exams, […]