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Diwali Lights Up Grimsdell!

Today we devoted an entire day of school and learning to a Celebration of Diwali. From the origins of the festival to the many creative and practical ways we celebrate it – the children were immersed in Diwali joy through clothing, food, activities, art, dancing and story-telling.

We began with our Zoom assembly where the whole school community gathered virtually and we heard first hand experiences from our children who celebrate Diwali. We also joined in with a whole school Diwali Dance.

In my lifetime, never has it been more relevant to appreciate the message of light overcoming darkness. 2020 has been a challenging year and Diwali itself could not be as elaborately celebrated as it might usually be. However, we provided our children with our very own Diwali experience and light really did overcome darkness today.

Children of all faiths joined in with equal enthusiasm. In fact, Diwali is such a deep part of our culture that even families of different faiths have begun to have their own Diwali celebrations. This is when diversity is at its best. Not only do we respect and enjoy other celebrations, we find space to join in, whatever our religious beliefs.

We hope that these pictures reflect our commemoration of the beginnings of brightness, joy, happiness and goodness in all spheres of life.

Happy Diwali to all!