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Curiosity is the engine of achievement

Being part of a Pre-Prep school is an exceptionally special job. We are directly involved in the lives of children, knowing that this stage of development is crucial for all further learning and attitudes. Our ability to engage our children is central to our ethos and approach and we use the natural way in which children learn and enjoy childhood to deliver our curriculum. Current educational thinking and research arguably points in the direction of preparing children for a future where, above all, they will need to think critically, be curious, have empathy and be adaptable. Skills have never been more important.

The subject of current educational thinking has been a discussion thread at each of our coffee mornings with parents over the last two weeks and I thought it might be nice to use my blog to share more. Perhaps take some time to google Ken Robinson in particular but also John Hattie, Carol Dwek and Guy Claxton – all of whom dedicate their work to exploring how children learn best, the impact of the world around them and how effective learning is sustained over time.

Ken Robinson’s description of ‘Curiosity as the engine of achievement’ resonates with us in particular but his talks and talking diagrams are also fascinating to hear and all deeply embedded in research.

Our coffee mornings were not only a forum for discussing the big picture of education but also to hear suggestions and questions about other areas such as homework, the new house system and even lunch! We recognise and respect the role that parents play in each child’s education and these informal sessions have offered a constructive space to share, explore, explain and listen.

We know our parents appreciate these opportunities (because they tell us they do!) but we also appreciate the opportunity to engage with them in this way. This helps to create a supportive and trusting culture in our school that benefits the children.