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‘Time to Shine’

My favourite part of this week has definitely been the time I have spent in classrooms. The children have been full of joy and wonder, as ever, and there is also a genuine sense of kindness and care towards one another which I found very uplifting. I heard children making generous and positive statements to one another: ‘you can have mine’, ‘your work looks amazing’, ‘We are making this together’.

Two of the key skills we are working on across the school are team work and collaboration. There have been many examples of this over the course of the week but I want to share the story of Tobi and Lillie, who received ‘Time to Shine’ awards in assembly for their collaborative skills. Their task was to build a bed for the ‘wild child’, a character in their focused text for this term. The bed had to be raised off the ground to keep the wild child warm and dry. Tobi and Lille spent a long time discussing their ideas, listening to each and coming up with plans. They then selected the resources they wanted to use and worked together to create the bed with fantastic results! In fact, all the children worked well in this way and it was fantastic to see girls and boys working together practically to be creative, solve problems and produce work to be proud of.

The ability to form productive, happy working relationships with others is such an important part of life and work. It is great to see our children developing these skills at such an early age.