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A heart warming week at Grimsdell

I could not let this week pass without sharing the latest status of the Kindness Tree which was launched last week. The branches are now positively brimming with hearts and the children have been so proud to engage in good deeds around the school and at home.

The hearts and the tree themselves have created such a warm visual within our entrance hall and the children enjoy commenting on how full it looks. One child described it to me as our ‘heart blossom tree’ which was delightful!

Another heart and hand warming activity that took place towards the end of last week was Twilight Forest School for Year 2. As part of their ‘Into the Woods’ theme we decided to invite children and parents to a classic Forest School session, but at dusk. I went along too, after borrowing a pair of wellies, and was one of many to enjoy the fading light, crisp weather and burning log fire – a real treat for the senses and for well-being. The children’s confidence in their environment, even in the twilight and darkness was impressive and so too was the discipline instilled in them to be safe and organised around the fire, to use their torches sensibly and toast their marshmallows in the correct way. They were true foresters!

Being outdoors stimulates the senses, makes connections in the brain and feeds the soul. Our commitment to outdoor learning is leading to a big project in the New Year which I look forward to sharing with you soon.