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This is me!

Picking up on the theme of mental health and well being from before half term our assembly this week focused on developing strong feelings of self-worth. I brought in a pair of shoes from each of my family members and tried them on. My son’s shoes just about fitted but curled and crunched up my toes, my middle daughter’s shoes were simply too small and I could only get them on half of my feet whilst my youngest child’s shoes were more like little covers for my toes. My husband’s shoes fitted…but they swamped my feet and made me waddle around like a duckling (causing much amusement!). I ended up putting on my own shoes and finding comfort in the feeling of simply being me. We talked about being happy in our own shoes and skin and how good that feels.

I then had some help from a few friends at home who shared with the children what makes them special, so that the children could begin to relate this back to themselves. I hope you enjoy the examples in the pictures. Our snowflake tree is filling up daily and we hope this builds confidence and enjoyment in the whole idea of simply being yourself.