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This week has presented so many opportunities for our Grimsdell pupils to work in other schools within the Mill Hill School Foundation alongside pupils from the Senior School, Belmont and the International School. Science Week has definitely been a great driver for these activities, because all four schools have been actively participating in this national celebration of Science. It has certainly been an inspiration for our children to conduct experiments with older pupils and to access the amazing Science facilities and laboratories at all the other schools.

However, it has not just been Science Week that has enabled us to really make the most of being part of a 3-18 Foundation. We were delighted to receive an invitation from Mill Hill School for our Toffee Bear Choir to perform at their Whole School Assembly. As we walked into this smart and formal occasion, the entire school cheered our children on and I could see the Grimsdell pupils beaming with pride and standing tall. They felt so proud and encouraged to perform and we all felt welcomed into the assembly like family.

When they started to sing, the entire population of Mill Hill School, staff and pupils alike, were captivated and moved. For the senior school pupils, I suspect it took them back to their own childhoods and also made them realise what high standards young children can achieve – and for our pupils it gave them a glimpse of the future and what they can aspire to as they move through the Foundation. Mrs Sanchez (Head of Mill Hill School) and I stood side by side both bursting with pride and close to tears.

Grimsdell is like a little family, but the Foundation is our extended family. To have this special moment with our older ‘sibling’ school was pure joy. Mrs Sanchez and I could not have asked for a more fulfilling start to the week. In fact, I urge you to read Mrs Sanchez’s blog too this week as she has shared her own reflections on this collaboration and other One Foundation projects.

As for the children, they have been asking ‘When can we do it again?’ Hopefully quite soon!