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Where will your boots take you?

Our new theme was unveiled at the start of the term as BOOTS! Not just physical footwear of course, but footwear that leads you to different places, characters and journeys.

In Year 2 the children discovered a pair of Russian boots in their classroom along with a note in Russian. This was ably translated with the help of two of our Russian pupils and will lead the children on a journey to learn more about this beautiful country, using the story of Masha and the Bear as a central literary text.

In Year One the children all brought in their favourite shoes to share: slippers, ballet shoes, tap shoes, wellies to name a few! And today they have donned their farmer’s boots as they head to the farm to meet a real farmer and ride on a tractor. This will lead to further work back in class based on these experiences.

In Reception and Nursery their boots will soon begin to emerge but for now they have been sharing their ‘All about Me’ boxes so that everyone’s interests and experiences can be shared with one another. It has been a wonderful way to build confidence, a sense of self and to get to know each other during their first few days in school.

Even the PE and Music departments are connected to the Boots theme, with PE focusing on dance and movement inspired by the wonderful song and movie ‘Singing in the Rain’.

Now that we are in our third year of the creative curriculum we are as a community even more passionate about this approach to teaching and learning. Our pupils are highly motivated and engaged, able to work exceptionally well collaboratively and demonstrate independence beyond their years. For children to learn and commit their learning to their long term memory, it has to be hooked onto an experience and made relevant to their own life experiences.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as we embark on YEAR 3 of our bespoke creative Curriculum!