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Opening our doors with pride

On Saturday 5th October we held an Open Morning along with the rest of the Foundation for prospective parents. A total of 89 families visited which is a 24% increase on our previous attendance statistics this time last year, reflecting the wider interest and growing reputation of the school.

During the Open Morning we shared our ethos as a world ready school that delivers a bespoke curriculum which combines creativity with academic rigour and has wellbeing at its heart.

For those not able to attend, or even current parents who are interested in how we reflect our school to the outside world here is a summary of our Curriculum:

  1. A Mastery approach to mathematics

  1. A rigorous and regularly assessed phonics programme to build the very foundation of reading…

3. A love of reading….

Where children do not plod throughout reading schemes but read a range of high quality children’s literature that builds their reading skills synonymously with developing a love of books. Our reading data since implementing this new approach shows significant improvement in children’s reading.

4. A cross curricular, creative and skills based approach…

This allows all subject areas to flourish (Science, humanities, art and design, PSHE, literacy) in an interconnected way which is immersive and inspiring – delivered through a thematic and topical approach. Skills open the door to knowledge, understanding, innovation and a desire to communicate

5. An exemplar library (highlighted for good practice by The School’s Library Service)

This sits as a hub of reading and learning within our school, where a wealth of stunning literature and genres is promoted and made easily accessible for children to explore and enjoy, whilst also supporting all areas of the curriculum.

6. Outdoor learning!

Forest School is just one part of this – we take learning beyond the confinements of the classroom and enable effective and independent learning to take place outdoors. Our new facilities including our Cabin and Outdoor Learning Environment are allowing us to deliver this more effectively and regularly.

7. Physical Literacy…

Delivered through a wide range of sports activities and opportunities, enabling a love of all physical activity and a growing desire to participate and compete.

A skills and creative curriculum is an essential part of life preparation and life enjoyment. Even the body that manages University application actively states this on their website:

So if you are underwhelmed by schools that haven’t really moved on from this outdated classroom model:

…come and see us at our Open Morning on the 5th November 2019 to see what a theme based classroom looks like at Grimsdell and prepare to be excited! To sign up please [CLICK HERE]