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Performing Hearts

This week I watched our children perform their Whole School Nativity Play and I was whisked away into the zone of total pride that a Headmistress feels when her 199 pupils are all on stage together singing out ‘Rejoice’ and spreading the message of peace and kindness at this special time of year.

Not only this, but I felt the children were empowered by this opportunity. They have been taught to love music, dance and drama within a package of performing arts and to express themselves. In playing another role so many children find a pathway of confidence to show who they really are.

Performing arts allows children to be free and gives them a space to explore their creativity, their wit, and their strength.

I watched 199 children tell the Nativity story in a way I have never found so compelling. The backdrop and context for the show was a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ formula and the result looked, felt and sounded like a West End Show. The standard was incredibly high! However this is not really my point, my point is that the process of preparing for the show and the experience of delivering two performances has completely opened a door of confidence and personal growth for everyone involved. Putting on a show is a full-on learning exercise that develops memory, discipline, respect, wit, problem-solving, adaptability and perhaps most importantly – the sense of being a team, a community.

At the end of any show, professional or amateur, the bows at the end are always the moment where the community and friendship of all those involved is revealed. I saw this today with my 199 children on stage and I have never felt so proud.

I hope the pictures reflect these sentiments!