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All you need is Love

This week at Grimsdell we have been enjoying the theme of Valentine’s Day to celebrate and explore the importance of love and kindness in the world.

We launched with a Valentine’s assembly where Reception children told us about the history of Valentine’s Day and shared personal messages of love to their family members. Throughout the week, classrooms have been utilising the subject in cross-curricular learning but also to generate a feeling of love within our community.

Classic activities such as card making and letter writing have been popular but also flower arranging and the giving of flowers in addition to making biscuits and other gestures that can show someone you care.

We recently shared a video clip with the children called Kindness Boomerang, which shows how one act of kindness leads to another and just one small act can send ripples out across the school, the community or even the world! At the end of the clip the children gave the film a round of applause completely spontaneously. For children aged 3-7 to engage so deeply with the empathy embedded within this piece of film was rather a magical and proud moment. I urge everyone to watch this! If the link does not work just google ‘Life vest inside – kindness boomerang’

At Grimsdell kindness is at the heart of our school and this week as we enjoy the momentum behind Valentine’s Day we have come to understand that kindness is actually little pieces of love, given freely and without expectation. There is no greater pride for me than when I see a Grimsdell child helping someone.

I hope you enjoy the pictures showing some of the different ways love has been spreading throughout our school this week.