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How to get ‘smiles in tummies’ and ‘sunshine in our brains’!

Children’s Mental Health Week is promoting the theme of Being Brave this year and our assembly was a fantastic opportunity to remind ourselves of Thrive in Five and all the strategies we already use at Grimsdell to be Brave – with the result being ‘smiles in our tummies’ and ‘sunshine in our brains’.

  • First we get into our Power Zone by being a SUPER SELFER

  • Or…we can flip it and turn it into a positive. At least I have this…at least I can play with other friends….at least I tried my best

  • We can bat away the negative thoughts….thoughts are just the things we tell ourselves. Thoughts are not truths.

  • All of which leads to putting in 10/10 best effort and being our best selves.

  • But we all know life isn’t perfect and sometimes we might find it helpful to wallow a little bit and have some hippo time…

…But we can’t stay in the mud forever….here’s what we can do:

  • Find someone to talk to; a parent, a teacher or one of our Mental Health First Aiders, You might even find it helpful to have a little cry.

  • You could do some mindfulness or some relaxation techniques

  • You could do something you love – or look forward to the next time you can do it.

  • Or you could just have a cuddle!

I then shared with the children that when I need to find some comfort I love taking care of my cats and stroking them. I love hearing them purr and knowing they are happy, which makes me happy too!

The children remembered that a year ago I brought them into school as kittens and then…lo and behold. They came into the assembly again! Mr Simon brought them into the hall in their cat carriers and everyone gasped at how much they had grown. It was lovely to start Children’s Mental Health Week in this way.

Yeti and Cloud

On Thursday this week everyone (including the teachers) wore an item of clothing inside out in recognition of Inside Out Day. The gesture is a simple representation that how we are feeling on the inside is not always how we appear on the outside.

This little apple graphic shows beautifully how sometimes we can put on a mask and that it is important to ask people how they are feeling and check in with them, so that they know people are always there to support.