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Clue, Costumes and Characters!

World Book Week has been very high profile this week, capitalising on our already very buzzy reading culture at Grimsdell.

The events have been vast and many from author visits, costume parades, mystery readers, buddy reading to story writing, book sharing and connecting the Grimsdell librarians with their counterparts at our Prep School, Belmont.

One of my favourite Book Week events is ‘Book Clues’ where pupils apply problem-solving and deduction to their knowledge of children’s literature.

See if you can work out which books are represented here…

Answers on a postcard to Grimsdell Mill Hill Pre-Preparatory School!

The Book Parade is not just a bit of fun but also an opportunity for pupils and teachers to bond and engage in mutual role-play over their love of stories. I dressed up as Matilda and had a wonderful day chatting with my fellow Matildas and trying to avoid our School Nurse who was dressed as Ms Trunchbull. She even put me in chokey and tried to take over the assembly!

The wonderful thing about books is that they unlock learning and imagination in every subject area and in every skill. Books are the binding connection between every aspect of learning and despite the internet, You Tube, Kindles and games, books show no signs of disappearing any time soon. Well certainly not at Grimsdell!