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Test tubes, slime and elephant’s toothpaste… It must be Science Week at Grimsdell!

Science Week has set Grimsdell into a frenzy of curiosity, experimentation, and discovery – starting with a real live experiment in assembly where Elephant’s Toothpaste was made! The foaming minty explosion of green paste seemed to go on forever and the children were instantly inspired and ready to throw themselves into the week’s activities.

In a sense, every week at Grimsdell is Science Week because of the emphasis our curriculum places on discovery, investigation, and collaboration, but to really immerse ourselves in the whole notion that Science is everywhere has been very inspiring and fantastic for self-motivated learning.

From animals, bees, and nature –  to chemical, test tubes, and classification, the children have been planting, experimenting, role-playing being a scientist, building telescopes and making slime (to name but a few)!

We have also been linking Science to all the areas of the curriculum through the library, artwork, literacy, and construction and it has been a joy to see children making so many connections in their learning and sparking off new pathways in their growing brains.

The Foundation-wide element of Science Week has also allowed younger and older pupils to work together and connect through their love of discovery so social science has also been a running thread throughout the many projects. I hope that the many images captured this week will bring the variety and joy of Science to life!