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Creative Curriculum Project Books

This week I am eager to share with you some real examples of the high quality work being produced as a result of our creative curriculum. Each child has a learning journal where they proudly record the process of learning and the connections they are making. I am delighted to share photographs from an example of a Year 2 project book. I could have picked any at random, they are all such a high standard!

These two pages in Elysse’s book show how the woodland learning has now moved into the sub-topic of owls, following the discovery of an owl in their classroom! The subsequent activities involved paired discussion about owls, research and then exploring and sorting different statements about owls. More challenging thinking skills were then required, with the children considering the difference between a statement and a question through sorting and discussion activities. The children now have a collection of fantastic questions to answer alongside a developing set of skills in enquiry and curiosity. This scrapes the surface of the curriculum content – as there has also been word level work on adjectives and outstanding artwork which has found its way onto the front cover of the learning journals. Next steps will be to produce some non-fiction writing that summarises their learning.

I hope the pictures give you a visual flavour of the high quality work being produced and a sense of what the learning journey looks and feels like for our children.  Golden learning every day!