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Grimsdell House Captains Announced

Grimsdell House Captains were announced in assembly today and there was great excitement when the house badges were pinned to their jumpers.

We are now looking forward to our first ever house event ‘Pay it Forward’. This is a competition with a difference with the children being encouraged to carry out as many good deeds as possible. Competition, fun and kindness all combined.

Our Monday assembly focused on respect and good manners. To bring these important qualities to life we actually made a real cake in assembly! It was a RESPECT cake where all the ingredients were examples of good manners. I am now getting lots of lovely handshakes, eye contact and friendly greetings when I welcome the children each morning. The ingredients for our cake seem to have made a real impression.

My learning highlight this week was seeing children participate in an art project. They used the woodland theme as their inspiration, observing the light coming through the trees and the colours of autumn. Watching the creative process and the development of their skills was wonderful to see. Using ink and pastels the children layered their pictures with texture and colour to create the scene. The results are beautiful!