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Our special Red Riding Hood Tea event

What started out as a simple Tea Party turned into one of the most special events we have had ever at Grimsdell.

The Year One children invited their grandparents or special person to school for a Red Riding Hood Tea this week. The event marked the fabulous finish to their ‘Into the Woods’ theme and the text they have been using to inspire the theme: ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They had made jam tarts, chocolate dipped strawberries and other goodies that might be found in Red Riding Hood’s picnic basket and the hall had been decorated beautifully with bunting – we even had liberty print paper plates! The purpose of the event was to show respect and kindness towards those people on our families who are special to us, and to connect with them. The children seated their grandparents or special person comfortably, served them tea, coffee and cake and then engaged them in conversation and chitter chatter.

The fantastic turn out of grandparents and special people meant that we were all very cosy in the hall but the experience was wonderful and surpassed all our expectations.

Seeing the children connecting with their grandparents was so touching and I could see that special memories were being made before my eyes. One little girl even had her great grandmother attend! Our grandparents and special people then had the opportunity to go to the classrooms and see their grandchild’s work.

The whole event reminded me of the importance of family and community and it was such a privilege to be a part of both of these. Thank you to everyone involved.