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Manners and courtesy never go out of fashion

The breadth and depth of learning in any school is an awesome thought. From knowledge and conceptual understand to technical skills and the development of human qualities such as empathy, openness and flexibility of thought. The layers are endless within a 21st century school and the possibilities exciting but it can be easy, in the complexity and demands of modern life and learning, to forget some of the more basic elements of our values as a society. That’s why in our Friday assembly this week we went back to basics and reminded ourselves of the importance of good old fashioned manners. Not old fashioned in fact, but relevant and more important than ever in a world where dog eats dog and many seem to be out for themselves.

The children provided wonderful examples of good manners with lots of phrases, gestures and concepts – some of which I’d thought of myself – and some of which I hadn’t.

As a result I awarded a total of 6 Head’s ‘Time to Shine’ awards to children across all year groups of the school who have shown consistent good manners when arriving at school in morning and in their normal conduct in class and around school. As a school we are going to spread good manners wherever we go this weekend – and I urge everyone to do the same!