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We experienced a fantastic example of the creative process in an assembly given by one of our Year 2 classes this week. As part of our London theme, Year 2 have been learning about royalty and one of their central texts has been ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Each of our themes uses high quality literature to enhance and propel the learning in a way that feeds the imagination as well as the children’s knowledge and skill base. This book had clearly inspired the class!

The class performed The Princess and The Pea for their assembly, with lovely costumes, creative staging and wonderful acting skills. However the most impressive part was the fact that they had re-written and scripted the story entirely by themselves. Throughout the play we were shown a backdrop of all their creative writing process, with the children delivering the lines they had actually written themselves.

In devising meaningful themes, connected learning and inspiring opportunities to be independent we can then have high expectations of our children and what they are capable of. This was a perfect example of giving children the tools to achieve high standards, be creative and be collaborative. I hope you enjoy reading the assembly presentation slides and pictures.