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The Grimsdell Community

We had our annual Parents’ Day and Sports Day on Friday last week and it was, as ever, a fantastic event which brought the whole school together. There is something about sunshine, sports, and the buzz of a summer fair that makes the spirit of community just grow and grow, so that the feeling of togetherness and wellbeing is even greater than the sum of its parts.

I recall children dancing and taking pride in their performances, the effort on their faces when they took part in their races, the cheering on of friends and team mates, the sense of occasion and the gratitude towards teachers and parents for their hard work in making the day so fun and well organised.

The raffle at the end of the day sounds like quite a small thing to get excited about but it a longstanding tradition of the event and seeing the children gather on the grass expectantly after such a perfect day just epitomises what makes leading a school so rewarding. Simple traditions locked into our school experiences build positive memories and contribute hugely to good mental health and a sense of belong and feeling valued.

Schools are about people; they are about children at the heart but connected to that they are about the staff, parents and children enjoying the sense of being part of larger family and support network – and the opportunity to grow and learn together. At Grimsdell we value hugely the relationships that all members of our community have and Parent’s Day was a representation of that in all its forms.