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Book Detectives

Along with many schools across the country Grimsdell has been celebrating World Book Day with a whole week of events and activities relating to reading, stories and a love of books.

There has been an author visit, a book parade, a special book shop, a book swap and a ‘teacher run’ (a mad dash of teachers rushing to different classrooms to read a book!) to name a few –all of which have been great fun and memorable learning experiences for the children.

My favourite event this year has been the Book Clues Competition. Each day a new ‘scene’ arrives in the school foyer with a set of objects representing a book that the children will all be familiar with. Their task is to work out the book from the clues.

I love to see the children (and indeed the parents and staff) investigating the clues like little detectives and really working their brains hard to establish the connections between the objects whilst also trying to link them to a story they know. This activity combines knowledge of familiar tales and storytelling with other skill-sets such as reasoning, making connections and problem solving. The little scenes themselves are also very creatively and thoughtfully presented and we are now encouraging the children to come up with their own book clue challenges for others to solve, applying the same skill-set in reverse.

I hope that you all enjoy the photographs of each book clue challenge – can you work out which books they represent?