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‘Manners Rap’ gains interest on Instagram!

This week was Wellbeing Week and what a huge success it has been! We have had some wonderful events going on for pupils, staff and parents and there has been a strong sense of community and happiness throughout the week.

Among my highlights were; the awesome popularity of parent and child mindfulness which I was delighted to attend this morning with my own daughter and the live music every morning from our talented parents, pupils and staff. Singing in the staff choir was a real treat and gave us the feel good factor for the rest of the day.

On Monday we opened Wellbeing Week with an assembly on healthy bodies and minds and how wellbeing is about looking after ourselves, but also others. The Grimsdell Way was a super sign post here as we recognised that: ‘Be kind and helpful’, ‘Be cooperative’, ‘Share our worries’ and ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’  – all hinge upon the principles of wellbeing and caring for others. The children came up with examples of kindness, especially when people are upset or hurt. We then learned from our school mascot ‘Toffee Bear’ that there is a way of being kind and respectful all the time – not just when people are in need. We did a little bit of magic to find out what this was called and discovered (after much glitter throwing and concentration) that the answer is: Magical Manners! I had planned to do a bit more magic to discover some examples but I didn’t need to – the children were tremendous at coming up with these independently and we quickly had a lovely collection of magic manners ‘words and actions’: Please, thank you, sorry, excuse me, can I help you, are you ok?, eye contact, shaking hands, letting people walk before you, holding doors, taking turns and… smiling!

I had thought long and hard about how we could all remember our manners and told the children that I had written a poem that seamless turned itself into a RAP! I was very nervous about performing it but the children and teachers gave me lots of encouragement so I swallowed my nerves and went for it! I hope that those of you who viewed it on Instagram enjoyed it! It seems to have attracted a fair bit of attention. The children will now be learning the rap in Music and we look forward to a whole school performance at some stage. It goes like this, but you will have to imagine the beat:

Magic Manners Rap – by Kate Simon

We want to follow The Grimsdell Way

And be kind and respectful every day

We use our magic words to say:

Please and thank you and ‘how are you today?’

Sorry puts a wrong to right

And smiles turn the dark to light

Pushing past is just not cool

Wait your turn and respect will rule

Shake a hand – make eye contact

And see how nicely people will react

Magic Manners in the Grimsdell Way

Bring us altogether, alright – ok!

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