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Science Week Continued

Science Week, or Science Fortnight as it was in the Mill Hill School Foundation, has now come to an end. Our pupils and teachers have enjoyed celebrating all that the world of Science has to offer. Activities have ranged from testing astronauts’ ‘urine’, to see how healthy they are, to making and racing mini robotic ‘bugs’. I have been deeply impressed by the Mill Hill pupils who ran many of the activities for the younger pupils and I know that in doing so they have improved their own scientific knowledge. In chapel I spoke about the importance of ‘good science’ and I look forward to hearing about the future discoveries that will be made by our pupils.

Away from school Dr Damberg and Mr Baldock took a group of pupils to the Old Millhillian Medical Evening. The teachers and the pupils both enjoyed hearing about the cutting edge medical research that some of our ex-pupils are now involved in.

Luke Stubbles
Head of Science and Physics