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The Latest App Updates

Are you aware of the latest app updates?

  • YouTube have announced plans to add new settings to its kids app including giving parents the option to hand-pick every individual video and channels they are happy for their children to see.
  • Snapchat have launched a group video chat feature this month, allowing up to 16 people to join one video chat at one time.
  • Instagram now lets users share multiple photos and videos on their stories.
  • Instagram has also launched a ‘focus’ filter to the story mode which blurs the background when taking a portrait or selfie, making photos look more professional.
  • Spotify have introduced a ‘data saver’ feature for their free users, which optimises the listening experience using less mobile data
  • Facebook Messenger is planning to implement a new feature that will allow users to unsend messages. Watch this space!

For tips and advice on how to keep your child safe online please visit: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/