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Tamil Nadu: Day Eight

Today we did a variety of sight seeing as part of our trip in Kodaikanal came to a close.

Firstly we woke up early, packed our bags and left the resort. Then on to the sightseeing. We were astonished by the view from our standing point, with the cascading cliffs ahead rich with vegetation. Ms Ashman was so excited as a geography teacher that she didn’t hesitate to give us a short lesson about tectonic plate formations. Afterwards we saw another extraordinary scene: we visited some monkeys! It was, in short, an interesting experience… with some of them getting up to some monkey business. Everyone was especially in awe of the family which had a baby monkey, reminding everyone about home.  As they were jumping everywhere, we must confess we were trying to avoid contact with them, but Zoe, as the bravest one, managed to get a selfie with one of the monkeys!  For the last stop we saw a breathtaking waterfall where we managed to get some group photos. Going back to the bus, some of us were tempted by the sweet corn sold by a woman across the street. Lauren, as one of those that had the courage to try it, said that it was so delicious that it was worth the risk of eating street food. After the quick ‘moment of happiness’ – as everyone described it, we got back on the bus for the long journey ahead.

After an exhausting three hour drive, we stopped for lunch in Madurai, where people were woken up by the delicious noodles served at the restaurant. After this stop we had a straight journey ahead to Trivandrum: most of the time we slept and talked. Concluding our bus journey back, we arrived at the school, safe to say we were very sleepy. As soon as we came in, we unpacked and went into the kitchen for a formal reflection on all our lessons we had done so far. Luckily no one needed individual help! A short time later dinner was served and we were able to have our favorite rice and curry.

Overall, the weekend was an amazing experience, whether it was the monkeys or the waterfalls. I think for all of us it was absolutely fascinating to see different parts of Tamil Nadu and to explore it.