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Blog Three

We woke up early as usual, got ready after a cold shower before heading off into the boiling hot day. After breakfast we discussed our last touch ups to the upcoming lessons and were ready to go. Once again we joined the morning assembly, right after which we had our first lessons. As this was the second day of teaching we all felt a lot more comfortable and productive since we had already had the chance to meet and get to know our pupils the day before.

After our last lessons some of us joined a school volleyball game together with the extremely enthusiastic kids. Not only did we play the sport, but made little victory dances for each team and in the end taught all children the Macarena dance, which we ended up singing along to all together. A while after, we rushed off to our dance lesson, though before it started we had the chance to observe Mr. Pearce teaching a music lesson to his pupils. However, dancing was a favourite among us, and even though some of us looked very silly trying to copy the difficult routines we all had an amazing time.

Whilst drinking our afternoon tea we discussed our upcoming evening activity – a trip to the Temple. As we approached the town in a school bus, we were accompanied by some local children which were incredibly sweet and we got the chance to teach them some English rhymes and games. The Temple couldn’t be seen well from the outside, however, it was magnificent within. Built in the 14th century, purely out of stone on a sand foundation, the temple contained many sculptures of the worshipped gods, one of the most impressive was a huge sculpture of the laying Vishnu, who is the protective god, as was explained by the kind leaders of this trip from the Sri Jayendra School. We walked around the temple for nearly two hours not once crossing the same room, which allows you to understand the incredible complexity and size of it. One of the highlights of the trip was getting blessed by the holy elephant which touched our heads with its trunk, making us feel very special. As we got back to our accommodation, we had a very tasty dinner, with most of us going up for seconds. Once finished we dropped straight into bed after a very fulfilling but exhausting day.

– Agne Cepaite