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Day Nine

After a wonderful weekend up in the mountains at Kodaikanal, the pupils awoke this morning and received their lesson timetable for the upcoming week. The Millhillians were tired after lots of travelling back to the school yesterday evening, but soon perked up and got back into the swing of it when they saw their Sri Jayendrans’ bright faces eager to learn.

In the afternoon there was an intensive lesson planning session to set them on the right track for the start of the week, and also some spectating of the Priory Basketball tournament. Around ten teams from the local region came to compete, and it was amazing to see how they are able to play in the heat!

In the evening our pupils started learning a Tamil folk song that we will perform with some of the Sri Jayendra girls on thanksgiving day next week. They have picked up the song quickly, considering we are learning it from my made-up phonetic notes! The dancers are learning quite a complex piece for the same celebrations, coming back tired with sore feet but they give it everything they’ve got, real dedication.

– Mr Pearce