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CCF at the Welsh Harp

Sailing at the Welsh Harp 

In an area of fast roads, high buildings and with the Arch of Wembley Stadium in plain sight, it is an unlikely place to find tranquillity, but the Welsh Harp Reservoir is just that. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a beautiful nature reserve where cadets from all three sections of the CCF have undertaken their Royal Yachting Association sailing qualifications, ranging from levels one to three.  

Staff from the Sea Cadets Boat Station once again hosted Mill Hill School cadets and shared their sailing knowledge and experience. The cadets sailed in the excellent RS Zests and RS Quest dinghies, which are ideal for beginners, yet have very respectable performance capabilities. The cadets progressed well, with the beginners learning how to rig, slip and retrieve boats safely and even tried their hands at racing with the more advanced sailors. With the water retaining some of its summer heat and helped with the sunny weather even the capsize drills were great fun. Although with the water difficult to resist, it is likely that those that claimed to have fallen out of the boats despite the dead calm conditions at times, did not necessarily do it accidentally! 

Major Anthony Norrington