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Year 5 Performance

Our Year 5 parents and some VIP’s were treated to a theatrical feast on Thursday 29th November, as the classes put on their individual performances. First up were 5MS with ‘Merry Christmas Scrooge!’ and their portrayal of a Victorian Christmas. They successfully mellowed a very grumpy Mr Scrooge with delightful singing and really got that festive feeling going. 5RS followed this with their play, ‘Henry the VIII’. There was plenty of laughter as the children took the audience through a whistle stop tour through 38 years of Tudor history and the fate of Henry’s 6 wives. To round off the show, 5RB kept us on our toes with their play about ‘Edwardian Schooling’. Some fearsome school masters led the class through times tables, marching and some very tricky tongue twisters. The children’s hard work and efforts over the past few weeks paid off as they delivered a spectacular performance, rewarded with a standing ovation for the audience and more importantly drinks and mini muffins! Well done Year 5!