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On Monday this week, we had the U12 Fives National championships at Eton College. For this event, we took 13 boys to go and compete. This included; Zac Carter, Luke Chesney, Finn Donald, Charlie Graville, Jaiden Hoile, Christopher Ioannou, Patrick Keenan, Eli Langleben, Luca Nicopoullos, Max Shukov, Toby Skelly, Charlie Smith, and Ben Waller. It was a fantastic day and a great experience for all who attended as they got a lot of fixtures within the day against schools from all over the country. Some of our pairs had particularly impressive wins over Cranleigh, Berkhamsted, Ipswich, and St Olaves. All of our pairs were able to progress through the groups into the knockout stage! Our first pair of Toby Skelly & Charlie Graville, and our second pair of Finn Donald & Christopher Ioannou had particularly impressive days, both making the last 16 of the competition.

On Wednesday, for the first time ever, Belmont entered a girls team into the U13 Girls national championships! This is mainly due to the fantastic work that Mr McGuinness has done in setting up the girls fives club this year. We took 7 girls to play in this competition; Jasmine Garske, Hannah Taylor-Yeates, Ella Robinson, Grace Keenan, Katy Skelly, Juliette Moehl, and Annabelle O’Carroll. The girls were fantastic! They had a great day and improved so much with the opportunity to play lots of matches, as well as having a chance to go and see the original court where the game was invented. The first pair of Hannah and Jasmine, year 6 and 7 respectively, although playing well in the morning group stages, they progressed as second in the group to the knockout stages, and then eventually after improving in every game they played, did fantastically to progress to the quarter-final stage where they unfortunately lost to a strong Ipswich pair.

A fantastic effort from all the Belmont fives players who went to the nationals, ranging from year 5 to year 8! The season is now over for fives, with a total of 20 fixtures played at Belmont (excluding tournaments), with 9 Won, 3 Drawn, and 6 lost, and a total of 42 pupils have represented the school!