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Codebreaking at Bletchley Park

On Monday 21 May all of Year 6 visited Bletchley Park for a day of Mathematics in the real world, which tied in very nicely with some cross-curricular history, culture and interest. Once there we all split into groups. We had a codes and cyphers workshop where we looked at problem solving and learning about different codes that had been invented to encrypt confidential information, and we had the chance to crack the codes ourselves! We also learnt about the Enigma machine, and how it was used in the war by the Germans, and how the allied forces learnt to crack the codes to understand the messages the Germans were sending to one another during the war. All the children were able to touch a real and working enigma machine as well and type a few letters, which we all loved doing. We also had a tour of Bletchley Park and the exhibitions, partly from a tour guide and partly from the Belmont teachers in charge of the groups. The whole day was fascinating, with all the children learning something new about our history and how we can encrypt information.

Mr Spink

Acting Head of Maths