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A Busy Half Term

This half term has flown by; it has been extremely busy as we have all been adapting to learning in a virtual setting. We are so proud of how all of our pupils have adapted to this new way of working.

Here are some examples of what has been going on inside and outside our digital classrooms during this half term:

Year 3 had their first 3D design lesson. It is a topic designed for older children but it is useful for developing mouse skills and understanding 3D shapes (and it is a fun class!). After just one lesson, Robin (3GC) produced this amazing design which Mr Perrin then printed on the 3D printer. Mr Perrin was very impressed by Robin’s work, especially as it was his first lesson, in a brand new subject, with no previous experience and no help from parents. Well done, Robin – what an amazing piece of work.

Joshua (3GC) has been busy outside the classroom during this half term with his artistic and musical talents. After just two lessons with Mr Blake before lockdown and six virtual lessons since, Joshua took part in his first ever orchestra with the trombone, which he has really loved learning. The orchestra is the Showcase Virtual Youth Orchestra: Joshua is given a part and has a week to learn this, make the recording and submit it online.  Please click here to watch the end result – you can spot Joshua easily as he is only 1 of 6 trombonists!

In addition, he has been asked to join some primary school-aged children for an exciting project with the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.  In these sessions, Dr Amy Bonsor will talk about her work and science and the children will have the opportunity to ask questions and create illustrations for a story to be published.  They are writing a story book for young children, all about the science of exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars). Primary pupils will be helping to illustrate the book plus learn about our planets, both in our solar system and beyond. In order to attend the session, pupils had to submit a drawing of what they would like to be when they grow up: Joshua decided to draw an explorer.

3NH have been busy making the (optional) chocolate rocks as part of their CLP with complete gusto! The theme was set to understand how metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks are made. It was also lovely to see most of 3NH get together for a virtual playdate and took part in a scavenger hunt: it is so important to stay connected. Well done to Maxi, who won the scavenger hunt.

Year 4 have created posters to raise awareness of either an animal or an endangered animal.

Eliana (4EP) has been getting creative with her mum and has created this fab painting of Frida Kahlo’s hair, complete with Frida’s infamous eyebrows.

Year 5 have been busy creating drawings of animals and musical instruments for the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ in an online music lesson. They also created house designs for a Future City.

Sophie S (5TW) went the extra mile with her ‘No Fear Experience’ by using VR technology to overcome fears.

Yasmine (5SB) filmed a video to explain the water cycle for her science task – very creative.

Mary (5SB) spent some quality time with her family and took part in Mrs Van Der Westhuizen’s Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.

  1. Something that makes me happy- photo of ducklings
  2. Something to give someone to make them smile- cuddling my puppy, Molly
  3. Something I love to smell- cherry blossom tree
  4. One thing I enjoy looking at- fairy door in tree
  5. Something that’s my favourite colour- little blue flowers
  6. Something I’m thankful for in nature- shade of a tree
  7. Something I can use to make a gift for someone- daisy chain for my mum
  8. Something that is useful- stick for walking in the woods

Finally, Rianna (6RB) wrote a thoughtful reflection of the current situation:

Welcome to the World!

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a change in the atmosphere. As we are all stuck indoors, many people have found every possible way to get outdoors. For example, you see many people on walks or you might be able to hear neighbours out in the garden.

Although many parents and children are getting slightly agitated at home, listening anxiously to updates on the news about new Covid-19 cases, I know that the whole world has a glimmer of hope in them and they show it. Whether it is painting rainbows and putting them on windows or clapping for the NHS on Thursdays, everyone is making the community feel together at these worrying times.

When you go out on walks you start to notice how beautiful the earth is: from the cherry blossom flowers outside to the summery feeling, I think the world has become more together and we are starting to notice it.

Belmontians are doing so many wonderful things.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Half Term.