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Book of the Week: Varjak Paw

Our final Book of the Week of the year comes from Maxi, 4NH, who has chosen Varjak Paw by S.F. Said.

Maxi writes: “This is a story of a cat. No, no, not just any cat – Varjak Paw who is the only cat clever and strong enough to overcome a mysterious stranger and his terrifying cat henchmen. They are tricking his family and mean them harm. Varjak Paw finds new friends in the city who help him (one of them gets captured!) and he uses a secret martial art for cats to fight his enemies. All is resolved in an exciting and unexpected final chapter. This book is a brilliant, gripping read and I would really recommend it. I liked the rescue of his friend Tam the best!”

If you’d like to borrow this brilliant story after the summer holidays, login and reserve by clicking here.


Mrs Hunt