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Year 4 Trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 4 enjoyed their trip to the Natural History Museum, exploring all the wonderful galleries and sites it has to offer. There are 80 million or so different specimens amongst the wide variety of collections and the children seemed to want to see each one. Their main focus, however, was marine life and habitats, which they have been studying as part of their Science and Creative Learning Projects.

A highlight was an immersive, interactive show on Ocean Life, in which they boarded a virtual submarine and plunged to great depths to study the sea life and learn how important it is to protect this vital habitat.

Some children also discovered the Earthquakes and Volcanoes section of the Museum, while others looked for dinosaurs, including Dippy, our resident Diplodocus, who has returned from his travels around the country.

Others remarked at the Creepy Crawlies, the giant Blue Whale, the stuffed Dodos and fossils – and, of course, the wonderful wares in the museum shop!  Particular thanks go to Mrs Harris for arranging the trip and the wonderful teaching team accompanying the children, making it a very special day for all.

Mrs T Bridge
Lower School Tutor and Trip Leader