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Year 8 Cultural Workshop

As part of our study of West Africa our Year 8’s got to take part in cultural workshop. Last Tuesday four classes took part in mark-making. Pupils had the opportunity to create their own brightly coloured mask inspired by the Dan Tribe from the Ivory Coast.

Mark making, traditionally a communal activity, involved dotting bright colours onto wood from the Albizia tree using a stick. Emphasising symmetry in design was crucial. Each colour held distinct meanings; for instance, gold symbolised wealth, green represented nature, and orange conveyed warmth.

On Friday, the remaining Year 8 students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an African drumming workshop featuring Djembe drums. They were instructed on various drumming techniques and were taught a Ghanaian call-and-response song. The children were then encouraged to create their own versions, which they shared, with everyone joining in the rhythmic celebration!

Mrs C Smith
Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning