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Maths Clinic (US)

Who is it for?

Upper School


Lunch time




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 1:05pm – 1:30pm


Room 31

Who is running the club?

Maths Dept

Other Details:

Thursday, Level 3 Maths Club, 1:20pm-2:00pm


If you have a problem in Maths (small or big, easy or hard) please do not suffer in silence! Maths clinic is now running every day except on Wednesdays for Upper School pupils. If you are stuck on a prep or have not understood something in a lesson, please drop in to the Maths clinic with your books to discuss your problems with a member of the Maths team. Maths clinic is intended for sorting out any difficulties pupils may experience during the course of the year. Staff will deal with reinforcing skills and helping with misconceptions. There is no set list of topics for individual sessions. Pupils need to bring their own ‘questions’ to the clinic, the emphasis being on the individual to attend rather than the teacher recommending attendance.

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