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Tang Soo Do

Name of activity:

Tang Soo Do


After School




Wednesday 4:00pm to 5:30pm


Proctor Hall

Who is running the club?

Mr Stavrou (External teacher)


This is a Korean martial art of self-defence. Tang Soo Do is taught
in a non-contact environment. Training includes the teaching of self defence techniques, hand and foot techniques, controlled sparring and free fighting, stances, pattern forms, and breathing exercises. The classes follow a structured teaching and grading program leading to Black Belt qualification.

Any extra info:

PE kit needed, uniform can be purchased from Mr Stavrou

Email contacts:


Please remember costs from clubs will be added to the school bill at the end of term, we cannot deduct the cost of club sessions missed due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. May we remind parents that if your child cannot attend their after school club due to illness or other personal circumstances then they must inform the school via the clubs@belmontschool.com email address.

Please note that if your child cannot attend a club due to a sports
fixture organised by the school we will pick this up internally and we do not require an email.