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Our Belmont Community: Meet Our Staff

Meet Mrs Smith, who has joined us this half term as the new Head’s PA and Administrator at Belmont.

We sat down with Mrs Smith to welcome her to the Belmont community, and to find out a bit more about her.

What is your role here at Belmont?

‘I am Mr Roberts’ Personal Assistant, so I look after him, and also the Deputy Heads. If they’re happy, I’m happy!’ 

You only joined a few weeks ago, what have been your impressions of Belmont so far?

‘I’ve been absolutely blown away by how friendly and welcoming everyone has been!’

What are you most looking forward to about working here at Belmont?

‘I’m looking forward to being fully involved in the community and life of the school. After only a few weeks I already feel I am fully immersed in it all, and hopefully once Coronavirus has gone away and there are more physical events and things happening around the school, this will happen even more.’ 

Can you describe Belmont in three words?

‘Happy, friendly and buzzing.’

Can you tell us something we might not know about you?

‘I’m often heard walking around the house with my headphones in and singing very loudly, much to the embarrassment of my daughter who occasionally records some of my more ‘special performances’, and very kindly shares them with her friends!

I also still live in the hope that one day I will be Prime Minister…’